Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Forever young?

Over the years that I have been calling Mexico my home, I have been fascinated by the portrayal of women in the Mexican media. From telanovelas, Mexican soap operas, to television shows for children, like El Chavo del Ocho, women are shown as either eternal children  (like the character La Chilindrina seen in the video bellow), or the ever suffering housewife as seen Monday through Friday on  Lo Que Callamos las Mujeres. 

And now, I have come across the new generation of Mexican women in the media; the Mexican women of Youtube.  In particular, I am talking about Yuya, a spunky teen/ twenty something who posts DIYs, videos on how to "pimp" your room, do your own hair and make up and of course, baking. Her voice reminds me of an over tired, seven year old girl; high pitched and a bit whinny. This is not her actual, every day voice. This is a voice she has chosen to use in her Youtube videos. It seems to be fitting that this Mexican Youtuber, in the tradition of La Chilindrina and stereotyped characters, speaks so irritatingly. I actually really like the content of her videos, but the delivery, that voice, I'd rather watch Chavo del Ocho re-runs. However, she must be doing something that other people on Youtube like since she has over one million likes on Facebook. Here's a video she uploaded recently on how to bake a cake in the microwave. What do you think? Is she the Youtube generation's Chilindrina?