Friday, November 28, 2008


Today I did something new. I ate a scorpion. Correct that, scorpions. Yes you read right, I ate a carnivorous arthropod that had been fried in oil, seasoned with salt and placed a top a helping of pico de gallo( diced tomatos, habnero chilli pepers and onions) on a corn tortilla chip. Right before that we tried chocholate covered scorpions. You may ask: what do they taste like? Well the chocolate covered scorpion tasted, like, well chocolate! The scorpion I wolfed down on the corn torillia chip, that tasted like the pico de gallo with lemon of course. No self respecting Mexican eating a scorpion would leave out the lemon! The University Michoacana San Nicolas de Hidalgo in asociation with the municipal government held a "bug tasting extravaganza" today at the historic Alfredo Zalce Museum here in Morelia, Michoacan. Here are some pictures to prove my gastronomical adventure. ¡Provecho!

The scorpion on the tortilla chip
The scorpion in my mouth

Scorpions in gelatin
Crickets in rice pudding

Turkey Thursday, Mexican style

When I woke up yesterday morning I didn't remember it was Thanksgiving. Not until I went downstairs to have breakfast and I settled into my recliner to feed my newborn did I remember. It was Oprah who reminded me. She was making stuffing and a pumpkin pie with her friend, Cristina Ferrae. "A no bake pumpkin pie? Wow!" I thought as I realized I had no one to celebrate Thanksgiving with, besides my baby and my six year old. Nostaligia rushed over me and I sank into a Thanksgiving funk.
But then it dawned on me, I am not alone. Perhaps the Holiday Inn perpared something for those ex-pats who are always going to have thier "gringo meetings" there. I called. No luck. Then I realized that I would most likely end up taking my children to a restuarant, Chili's to be exact. I did do that but we also ended up at a wonderfull Thanksgiving dinner at a beautifull Mexican family's home. It was so moving for me to be able to celebrate a day that really does mean something quite important to me personally. This particular family has a son-in-law from the USA, who actually lived in my own hometown for several years. We reminissed of Thanksgivings gone by, snow, winter and cornbread stuffing. All while soft "balladas" played in the background. Thanksgiving Mexican style, we had the best of both worlds!

Monday, November 3, 2008

One last look

2008 Day of the Dead poster given out to tourists in Morelia. Very cool design.