Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pregnancy Friendly Hair Gel: Product Review

This review is of a product I bought with my own money. I reviewed it because I think it is such an awesome product and I wanted to share it with my readers and friends.

I am close to being at the half way point of the 40 (or 42 weeks) of pregnancy. I am super sensitive to smells and can now sympathize with my younger brother who would complain and complain about my "stinky" perfume when we were teenagers. I find perfumes, lotions, hair gel, creams, after shaves, soaps, ANYTHING with an artificial scent, to be particularly offensive to my nose and general well being. Recently, my husband thought it was the perfect time to switch hair gels, that's right, NOW, when he has an over-sensitive-to-smells, pregnant wife. I explained to him that his new L'Oreal hair gel "has the same scent if flowers could poop." He didn't get it. I gave him an ultimatum: either ditch the gel or I will ditch it for you. My message got across to him and several days later he came home with Gel de Linaza by Buena Imagen. (see bellow image)

The best smelling non-smelling  hair gel on the market in Mexico!
He gingerly handed it to me for the "smell test". I opened the tube and took a whiff. It smells a little chemically, but nothing that I could turn my nose up to or even have a reaction to. It is the closest thing to smelling like "nothing" that I can describe. And HOORAY it is a gel that I can use too! It is made with linseed extract from flax and according to Wikipedia, "...various parts of the plant have been used to make fabric, dye, paper, medicines, fishing nets, hair gels, and soap."  

So linseed is a tried and tested ingredient for hair gels. It is natural (it is after all, from a plant!) The gel is manufactured right here in the city where I live. So I have a natural, locally produced hair gel that makes me WANT to do my hair in the morning. Can I quote a creepy, Hollywood star? Can I say "WINNING!"

The 250ml tube cost $40.00 MXN at the Buena Imagen Spa but we later found a better deal at a local fair: two 250ml tubes for $50.00 MXN. The ingredients are: distilled water, carbomer, trietanolamida, linseed extract, methyl and propyl paraben. My overall reaction to the gel: I love the fact that this gel is alcohol free and that it doesn't leave white flakes in my hair, or have a bunch of ingredients or make me feel like throwing up. It is a win-win-win situation! 

Now, if I can only find a deodorant that doesn't make me want to smell like B.O.