Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day of the Dead Images-A personal journey

As promised, here are some images of past Day of the Dead. They are of altars in different places; schools, libraries, or on the street. (I don't have any photographs of cemetary altars but I do have video that I am hoping to upload very soon.)

The picutres shown are of:
  • The altar that was put together in the Wigoberto Jimenez Moreno Central Library(on the right). An altar set up outside the central library in Leon( to honor Diego Rivera (the two following pictures).
  • An altar in a pre-school created by the children and teachers and dedicated to deceased relatives (grandparents) of the children.
  • And finally of an altar I set up in my home last year. It was very simple in comparision to the other altars you can see here.

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