Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dìa de muertos

A lot has been said and written about Day of the Dead. My aim isn't to give a history lesson. I want to share some of my personal experiences with those who are interested in reading this blog. For the first time in almost six years I am back in Michoacan where dìa de muertos is a big event. Patzuaro (about forty minutes by car from Morelia) is ground zero and every November 1st it is flooded with both national and international tourists. Unfortunately I won't be one of those tourists this year, if I am lucky I will be there November 2nd to look at the remants of the candle light vigil from the night before. So here I go, I hope you enjoy this dear reader and maybe become interested in visiting Michoacan in the future. One last thought, for those who are unfamiliar with dìa de muertos I'll put some links (in Spanish and English) in too.
This site as an English and Spanish version and has all the information you want to know about viviting Morelia

Spanish language with Dìa de muertos content
El Universal is a large newpaper publication in Mexico. This is the blog dedicated solely to university students.
The Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo has a website dedicated to the history and culture of dìa de muertos in Michoacan.
The Secretaria de Cultura should have more information than they have right now on the site.

English language with Day of the dead content
Mexconnect is the website to look to when you need up-to-date information on life in Mexico.
I have two of these books that this author published, her books introduced me to the tradition before I was able to actually go to a cemetary and see for myself.

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