Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Thursday, Mexican style

When I woke up yesterday morning I didn't remember it was Thanksgiving. Not until I went downstairs to have breakfast and I settled into my recliner to feed my newborn did I remember. It was Oprah who reminded me. She was making stuffing and a pumpkin pie with her friend, Cristina Ferrae. "A no bake pumpkin pie? Wow!" I thought as I realized I had no one to celebrate Thanksgiving with, besides my baby and my six year old. Nostaligia rushed over me and I sank into a Thanksgiving funk.
But then it dawned on me, I am not alone. Perhaps the Holiday Inn perpared something for those ex-pats who are always going to have thier "gringo meetings" there. I called. No luck. Then I realized that I would most likely end up taking my children to a restuarant, Chili's to be exact. I did do that but we also ended up at a wonderfull Thanksgiving dinner at a beautifull Mexican family's home. It was so moving for me to be able to celebrate a day that really does mean something quite important to me personally. This particular family has a son-in-law from the USA, who actually lived in my own hometown for several years. We reminissed of Thanksgivings gone by, snow, winter and cornbread stuffing. All while soft "balladas" played in the background. Thanksgiving Mexican style, we had the best of both worlds!

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