Sunday, June 1, 2014

Read This Post And You'll Never Say "¿Que?" Again

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Over the years I have lived in Mexico, expat friends have enlisted my help due to trouble communicating in Spanish. As a language teacher and learner, I know how challenging learning a new language can be. The need to speak Spanish is a reality. Thousands of US retirees and non-Spanish speakers from around the world continue to move to Mexico every year; about a million US citizens call Mexico home. They all have different reasons for moving, but one thing is certain; speaking the language of the country where you live should take top priority.

Online Learning with Lexikeet

There are a lot of options for language learning, but online learning is the most flexible and attractive for several reasons; you can study anytime, anywhere, it lets you work at your own pace. Third, it is affordable.  I've found that like most expats, being in a classroom learning a language can often conflict with experiencing life;  if you don't interact with non-English speakers, you aren't taking advantage of your situation. And if you haven't made the move yet, online language learning allows you to learn in a structured manner, while preparing for your visit, extended stay or relocation.

Lexikeet is an extremely useful tool for learning a new language.  You can select how much time you want to study online, from as little as 15 minutes a day to over an hour.  Plus there are interactive exercises and games. Lexikeet offers Spanish, Japanese and Chinese (as well as English as a Second Language) and allows the students to decide how they want to learn.  The website has a clean, user-friendly format where you can select your learning style. Students will find a selection of different learning objectives, styles, and goals to choose from making Lexikeet a flexible alternative, going from personal to business, leisure travel, academic and power learner.  The user decides on the study time and Lexi, the parakeet avatar, is there to assist. Whichever your learning objectives, Lexikeet makes it easy for you to reach them and so you can, communicate more effectively.

Learn Spanish basics and more with Lexikeet
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