Sunday, May 11, 2014

When Life Takes Over

Lately, I have not been writing a lot.  It has been more than a month since I have posted here. My readership has taken a nose dive. This is thanks to that fact that there have been some major changes in my life. Among them being, a divorce and surgery. Life has taken over and my writing has had to wait. The lull in my posts and my other online collaborations isn't permanent. In the meanwhile, as I get my posts going again, I am going to explore the usefullness of recycling old ideas. I'm taking out some old posts, dusting them off, and sharing them here, just like Professor Michael Starbird suggests trying in his online class Effective Thinking Through Mathematics, so for now, here are some posts from that past that I hope you enjoy:


  1. Welcome back and I am here to say there is definitely "life" after "life takes over" and sometimes that new live is awesome. GREAT to see you back Alma! Victoria

  2. Thanks Victoria! My life gets fuller by the second but like a fish out of water, when I stop writing I start to get I had to get back to what I do most naturally. Like some very wise writer once said: Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.