Monday, November 4, 2013

A Taste of Tata: Cocina de Autor

One Sunday afternoon, as the excitment of the FICM (Morelia's International Film Festival) was winding down, I paid a visit to Tata Mezcaleria for dinner.  Just earlier that week, Quentin Tarantino visited Tata. I had gone to hear Alethia Rivera sing (to read that interview click here) and was hoping to have somethig savory to eat. The waitor offered my dinner companion and I courtsey drinks of mezcal or fresh lima juice (sweet lime). We shared the salad that featured bits of fresh goat cheese, garapiñado (candied) peanuts and a light vinegrette. I had the salmon on a bed of asparagus, while my friend had a portobello-style burger (sans meat). Honestly, I loved it and recomend it to anyone who wants a taste of authentic Mexican fusion cuisine known as cocina de autor, check out Tata Mezcaleria. You can tell them Alma sent you!

Check out my interview with Alethia Rivera here.

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