Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fibra de Coco

About a year and half a go I became involved with a part of the coconut that I had never thought of before. I love coconut and everything to do with it, coconut trees, coconut forests waving in the coastal breezes, coconut oil on warm bronzing skin, coconut milk in frosty piña coladas (can I just say: YUM!, piña coladas have coconut AND rum, how can you go wrong with that combination?) and there are the ever so delicious, ever so traditional Mexican cocadas; lip smacking coconut candy. But coconut fiber? I didn’t even know it could be used like this:

Coconut fiber and cotton bags galore!
And yet here I am, today, the proud creator of a small business, an up and coming ecologically minded company that designs and produces coconut fiber products. And today also marks the day that I put some hydroponics knowledge to the test using left over coconut fiber pieces from my business.

Coconut fiber "beds" for little raddish seeds

I just figure that with all the stress and unrest the world (are narcoblocades, kidnappings, extortion, economic crisis, revolts and political unrest ringing a bell, anyone?) around me and in my own life, putting small, seemingly delicate seeds on a coconut fiber “bed” has been surprisingly soothing. Hopefully my plants will grow and in a few weeks I’ll have something to show for a couple of hours work. Here’s to that ever so tasty, ever so versatile, coco.

For more information on coconut fiber and coconut fiber products, please visit the following links:

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